Baaz 2014 Movie Download Free 720p

Baaz 2014 Movie Download Free 720p. Baaz is the tale of SP Inder Pal Singh Sidhu. Sidhu is a man on a mission. With complete trustworthiness and full determination, he pledges to battle against evil.

Punjabi | 7 November 2014 | Action

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    Stars:    Mukul Dev, Babbu Mann, Yograj Singh

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Dheeraj Rattan is known for penning untouched blockbusters of Punjabi Cinema. Be that as it may, his late motion pictures have been somewhat baffling ones. In this film, he has attempted to change the impression of individuals about police. He has attempted to convey the better side of Police to the spotlight. Still the tale of Baaz offers just the same old thing new, a run of the mill Police-Politician contention. The screenplay is dragged, a few scenes look pointlessly added.The film is over-burden with activity. Resisting laws of Physics is just the same old thing new in Punjabi Cinema, the activity scenes in this motion picture keep you diverted and some of the time even make you giggle.

In one of the scenes Sidhu remaining in the front, shoots at the feel burnt out on the auto. In the blink of an eye the auto is noticeable all around, figures out how to fly simply over Sidhu, and when it is going to land it tilts. The auto collisions on the ground vertically and goes into flares in a matter of seconds. Further the video impacts included into the activity scenes are aggravating too.Overall the execution of the film is poor. The scenes are not worked up appropriately. In a Police Station where genuine business is going on, all of a sudden the SP leaves his lodge singing Edi Vi Ni Marhi Hundi Police Punjab Di and the entire Police station begins danicing is just unimaginable.In a nutshell, the producers have attempted to raise the great side of Police, however their story line was pitiful, the execution was not awesome either, the activity is exaggerated and the music is normal. Punjabi Mania rates Baaz with 2 stars on the size of 5.

Baaz 2014 Movie Download Free 720p